Streamlining Services in the Landscaping Industry with Ben Souva and Jacob Krum (Ep. 10)

Streamlining Services in the Landscaping Industry with Ben Souva and Jacob Krum (Ep. 10)

The best businesses are created when you’ve identified a problem that needs solving. Our guests this week found their niche in the landscaping market as a result of their own frustrating experiences. 

In this episode, Ben Souva and Jacob Krum, the founders of Trim Landscaping, join Michael Israel to discuss the circumstances that made them start a landscaping business. They explain the usefulness of different technologies in solving the operational inefficiencies and business challenges that were getting in the way of achieving their goals. 

Ben and Jacob address: 

  • How they reinvented and modernized the way landscapers operate and manage their businesses
  • Their journey of how they started vs. where they are now 
  • What to look for in a technology partner that helps with scaling your business
  • And more


Connect with Michael Israel: 

Connect with Ben Souva and Jacob Krum:

About Ben Souva:

When it comes to growth and development strategies, Ben Souva never fails to bring his innovative approach to the table.

Ben used his extensive business development experience to develop new solutions for the back-end operations of his local landscaping business. Within one year of implementing Saas and Enterprise strategies, he saw business revenue increase by over five times its yearly average.

Today, Ben is proud to help landscapers around the country improve their operations, grow their revenues, and find success doing what they do best!

About Jacob Krum: 

Jacob Krum is a true magician in the world of business. A proven, passionate entrepreneur with an innate and unique ability to quickly assess and advise on growth strategies, Krum has demonstrated his expertise throughout his career by rapidly scaling multiple businesses from zero to over $650K MRR in as little as one year.

Combining his love for real estate with his drive to grow ventures, Krum is the owner and operator of Nvest realty. This firm identifies, targets, and purchases residential properties in the Phoenix metro area to renovate into profitable vacation rentals. Since its inception, Nvest has hosted more than 600 groups at Nvest branded assets. Forward-thinking and synergy-focused, Nvest added a burgeoning landscaping business to its portfolio in 2020 and has increased its gross revenue by more than 1,300% in its first year.

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