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Live From the HubSpot Inbound Conference in Beantown (Ep. 12)

There is no doubt that HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms for scaling businesses. 

One of the main reasons HubSpot has managed to stay the course in a competitive industry is because of its ease of integration with many other solutions and applications such as Zuper FSM.

Michael Israel and the Zuper team take the show on the road to Boston for the Hubspot Inbound 2022 Conference in this episode. He gives us a sneak peek into the events and discussions at this conference and shares the highlights of Zuper’s partnership with HubSpot.

Michael discusses: 

  • Zuper’s integration with HubSpot
  • The conference that led him to join the Zuper team
  • The speakers and events at the Inbound 2022 conference
  • His experience visiting Boston now as a former resident of the city
  • And more


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Gearing Up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Wajid Zakir (Ep. 11)

Did you know that we’re currently in the midst of our Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a period of rapid transformation across industries, societies, and nations. Technology, connectivity, and automation have been at the forefront of this revolution.

In this episode, We make a virtual stop in the UAE to speak with Wajid Zakir, Co-Founder and Director of Quiz Infomatics. He discusses how the UAE is gearing up to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, some challenges businesses face when transitioning from traditional to digital, and strategies to overcome them. 

Wajid discusses: 

  • The three initiatives driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the UAE
  • Five strategies for successful digital transformation
  • COVID’s impact on technology adoption in the UAE
  • How companies could grow in a competitive market with digital initiatives
  • The need for education in field management tools and their implementation in every industry
  • And more!


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Connect with Wajid Zakir

About our Guest: 

Wajid Zakir works with clients to help them transform their way of doing business. He uses technology to enhance customer experience, improve business processes, optimize costs, and maximize the use of tech opportunities.