Field Nation: Cutting Labor Costs In The Market with Mynul Khan (Ep. 15)

Field Nation: Cutting Labor Costs In The Market with Mynul Khan (Ep. 15)

With the change in consumer expectations, there is a substantial investment in IT and telecom infrastructure to support the digital customer experience. As a result, the demand for skilled technical labor as a fast, convenient cost-cutting option has risen.

In this episode, Michael Israel sits down with Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation, to discuss his company and how it has been able to meet the demand for technical labor, manage macroeconomic obstacles and reduce overall costs for companies.

Michael and Mynul discuss:

  • What the impetus was for founding Field Nation
  • How Field Nation got into the overall field service landscape
  • How Field Nation is helping businesses through this inflationary period
  • The trends Mynul sees for field services in 2023
  • And more


Connect with Mynul Khan:

Connect with Michael Israel: 

About Mynul Khan: 

Mynul Khan is the founder and CEO of Field Nation. Khan graduated from St. Cloud State University, where he developed an affinity for business start-ups. After selling his first venture, Khan launched Minneapolis-based Field Nation in 2008, when he identified the emerging contingent workforce trend.

Field Nation is not Mynul Khan’s first startup, but it is the one into which he has poured all of who he is. Mynul is the Founder and CEO of Field Nation; the leading online work marketplace for connecting people to get work done. His programming and data analyst background, as well as a honed “growth hacking” business acumen, combine in the form of a humble and soft-spoken man who is uniquely driven.

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