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Fixing Customers, Not Just Problems: The Art of Building Lasting Relationships with Gaven Fahl (Ep. 24)

“You can’t have a reasonable conversation during a fire or even when there’s a lot of smoke around.”

In this episode, Gaven Fahl, Director of the Critical Accounts Program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise joins us to talk about building proactive customer relationships and maintaining them.

With 12 years under her belt at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and as the founder of the Critical Accounts Program, she’s got a wealth of experience in building long-lasting relationships with customers beyond just fixing their technical issues. 

Gaven shares her insights into the art of nurturing successful customer relationships and offers practical tips that will undoubtedly revolutionize your approach to customer service and help your business thrive. 

Gaven and Michael discuss:

  • The critical role of customer relationships in business success
  • How to align customer expectations to avoid miscommunication and dissatisfaction
  • Effective techniques for rebuilding strained relationships and restoring trust
  • Proactive strategies for maintaining and nurturing customer relationships for long-term growth
  • The three crucial steps to rebuilding customer relationships
  • And more!


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The Power of Relationships in Field Service with David Nour (Ep. 21)

This week we’ll explore the concept of Relationship Economics and how it can transform the customer service and field service industries. 

In this episode, we feature David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group, Inc. and author of Relationship Economics®, to talk about the importance of relationships in business.

David shares his insights on creating a customer-centric culture and provides practical tips on developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers. 

David and Michael discuss:

  • How relationship building is a critical skill that can be quantifiable and a strategic asset
  • Why focusing on fewer, deeper, authentic relationships that are mutually value-based is more important than having more contacts
  • Tips field service or customer service leaders can follow to create critical business relationships and be more disciplined and systematic in building and nurturing them
  • Effective relationship building and intentional long-term relationship development
  • And more


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About Our Guest: 

A senior leadership/board advisor, educator, executive coach, and bestselling author, David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on applications of strategic relationships in profitable growth, sustained innovation, and lasting change. The author of eleven books, including bestsellers Relationship Economics® (Wiley) – forthcoming in its 3rd edition, Co-Create (St. Martin’s Press), and Curve Benders (Wiley, 2021), Nour serves as a trusted advisor to global clients and coaches corporate leaders.  

Born in Iran, Nour immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager with $100, limited family ties, and no fluency in English. He graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in business management and went on to earn an Executive MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. He resides in Atlanta, GA, with his family.


Triple Growth: How Zuper’s Platform Connected People and Improved Field Service Management in 2022 (Ep. 19)

Zuper experienced substantial growth in 2022, tripling the number of users and new customers. 

In this episode, Michael Israel discusses all the attributes that added to the growth and value of Zuper’s service in connecting people digitally and the added functionality and enhancements they have put into their product. 

Michael shares the key elements that field the surge in growth, such as the ability to perform bulk actions and send notifications to many customers simultaneously.

Michael discusses:

  • The contributing factors to the strong growth Zuper experienced in 2022
  • The new service enhancements Zuper has put into the products
  • Some of the critical updates made to the platform in 2023 
  • The recent trends in field service systems
  • And more


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Service Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 with Wael Mohammed (Ep. 16)

The field service industry is experiencing a massive opportunity for growth in 2023.

As the industry moves forward, service leaders and technicians will need to strive to make data-driven decisions that will move them in the right direction.

In this episode, Michael Israel is joined by Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy at Field Nation, to talk about how the data from the work Field Nation performs helps companies scale back or scale up when needed. Wael shares some of the insights from the valuable data of the 2022 operations and how it can help inform the field service community and customers.

Wael discusses:

  • How the shift in IT and telecom needs has diversified labor sourcing strategies
  • Why it’s better to adapt to move from a fixed expense structure to a variable expense structure
  • How Field Nation’s data insights are helping its customers increase their service capabilities to expand their growth
  • How the negotiation process for technicians works
  • And more


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About Wael Mohammed: 

Wael Mohammed is the Executive VP of Product Management at Field Nation.He has a passion for identifying innovative concepts and transforming them into viable market solutions. With 25+ years of experience that span several industries across the B2B and B2C spectrum, Wael enjoys inspiring, mobilizing, and leading Product and cross-functional teams to deliver innovative technology products that make significant market impact.


Field Nation: Cutting Labor Costs In The Market with Mynul Khan (Ep. 15)

With the change in consumer expectations, there is a substantial investment in IT and telecom infrastructure to support the digital customer experience. As a result, the demand for skilled technical labor as a fast, convenient cost-cutting option has risen.

In this episode, Michael Israel sits down with Mynul Khan, CEO of Field Nation, to discuss his company and how it has been able to meet the demand for technical labor, manage macroeconomic obstacles and reduce overall costs for companies.

Michael and Mynul discuss:

  • What the impetus was for founding Field Nation
  • How Field Nation got into the overall field service landscape
  • How Field Nation is helping businesses through this inflationary period
  • The trends Mynul sees for field services in 2023
  • And more


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About Mynul Khan: 

Mynul Khan is the founder and CEO of Field Nation. Khan graduated from St. Cloud State University, where he developed an affinity for business start-ups. After selling his first venture, Khan launched Minneapolis-based Field Nation in 2008, when he identified the emerging contingent workforce trend.

Field Nation is not Mynul Khan’s first startup, but it is the one into which he has poured all of who he is. Mynul is the Founder and CEO of Field Nation; the leading online work marketplace for connecting people to get work done. His programming and data analyst background, as well as a honed “growth hacking” business acumen, combine in the form of a humble and soft-spoken man who is uniquely driven.


Incorporating Field Service Tools Into Smart Video Surveillance with Amanda Harris & Myles Osswald (Ep. 7)

We know how important it is to protect your property when you’re not around. 

While incorporating technology into the process is a must, how are experts within the surveillance industry streamlining their workflow to provide you and your business with the best security? 

In this episode, Myles Osswald and Amanda Harris from Pro-Vigil, join David Nour to unveil their experience working alongside Zuper as their primary field service tool. Amanda and Myles shed light on some best practices they use to support technicians in the arena while highlighting ways their processes and systems align with Zuper’s vision and mission. 

Amanda and Myles discuss:

  • Ways Zuper acts as a provider to those in the security and surveillance industry 
  • Best practices for the use of new technology
  • Their relationship with Field Nation and how that has integrated with Zuper
  • How Zuper supports Pro-Vigil’s workflow
  • What’s to come for the team at Pro-Vigil
  • And more!


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About Our Guests: 

Myles Osswald is the chief financial officer, and Amanda Harris is the accounts receivable supervisor at Pro-Vigil.

Pro-Vigil was founded in 2006 with the mission to be the leading provider of comprehensive surveillance solutions. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, the company has deployed 30,000+ cameras and has 3,500+ customers. With a team of expert designers and engineers, Pro-Vigil specializes in designing, installing, and operating cutting-edge surveillance systems to meet their customer’s unique needs.


Investing in Field Service Technology with Kellan Carter (Ep. 2)

What do venture capitalists and field service professionals have in common? 

They both have wondered why they should invest in software that aids the field service industry. 

In this episode, Michael Israel welcomes Kellan Carter, founding and general partner at FUSE. Together, they explain why investing in technology in the field service industry is a huge opportunity for investors and field service professionals alike.

Michael and Kellan discuss: 

  • The opportunity in the field service market
  • Reasons FUSE decided to invest in Zuper
  • How software can help field management professionals provide the best service
  • Why excellent customer service is integral, regardless of the industry
  • And more!


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About Your Host:

Michael Israel is a Senior Management Executive and a lifelong expert in Field Service operations and software-related issues. He is proficient at identifying inefficiencies, developing new processes, and providing best practices, right solutions, and recommendations to meet clients’ technical and business objectives.

Michael is an analytical and goal-driven professional with broad-ranging experience in the Field Service ecosystem. Specifically in providing leadership, guidance, and key consultations regarding overall operations, sales and marketing activities, business systems analysis, and software implementation within the Field Service and customer service sector.

About Our Guest:

Kellan Carter is the founding and general partner of Fuse Venture Partners. Prior to launching Fuse Venture Partners, he joined Ignition as an associate in 2013 after several years of working in technology, investment banking, and finance. Fuse recently led the Series A funding round for Zuper and is a valued advisor on the Zuper board. 


Zuper, Empowering Field Teams To Collaborate Effortlessly with Anand Subbaraj (Ep. 1)

Every great business starts with a hurdle. And Zuper is no different.

In this inaugural episode of Zuper FM – Field Service, Your Way, Michael Israel welcomes Anand Subbaraj, CEO and founder of Zuper. Anand shares everything you need to know about him while unveiling Zuper’s story, vision, and mission as they work towards building technology solutions to help organizations provide exceptional customer experience. 

Michael and Anand discuss: 

  • The refrigerator experience that led to the founding of Zuper
  • Zuper’s market differentiator
  • The mission that guides Zuper
  • Ways Zuper differentiates from the other industry leaders
  • Wisdom words for others within the field of service-based business
  • And more!


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About our Guest: 

Before joining Zuper as CEO in July 2020, Anand Subbaraj came from a 13-year career at Microsoft, and before that, he spent five years at Tata Consultancy Services. Throughout his time living in Seattle, Anand worked with many large enterprise customers and helped organizations to take control of their digital transformation journey. At Microsoft, he was the head of product in one of the fastest-growing Azure Data services and led the innovation in big data integration in Azure.