Outside-In leadership: The Fundamentals with Dennis Sadlowski (Ep. 18)

Outside-In leadership: The Fundamentals with Dennis Sadlowski (Ep. 18)

Customer experience is the cornerstone of business success—it’s how customers perceive their interactions with your company, and it’s crucial for every business. This is as true today as it was when we first released this episode. 

But what does it take to truly excel at customer experience?

In this insightful episode, join Dennis Sadlowski, a CEO & Outside-In Leadership expert, as he unveils the roadmap to achieving the best customer experience.

Dennis discusses:

  • The outside-in leadership concept in detail
  • How outside-in leadership affects field service in a positive way
  • Why it is important to connect every employee in the company to the customer experience
  • And more


Connect with Dennis Sadlowski:

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About our Guest: 

Dennis Sadlowski is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, Outside-In Leader and C-suite Advisor serving domestic and international businesses. He has led public and private equity companies globally, in various industrial manufacturing and services industries. Mr. Sadlowski served as the CEO of Siemens Energy and Automation, a $4 billion, 12,000-employee operating company of Siemens AG. He also served as the CEO of CECO Environmental, CEO of International Battery, and COO (North America) of LSG Sky Chefs. Mr. Sadlowski holds a BS in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Seattle University.

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